openHAB 3, Alternative to Caldav bindings / Google Calendar


I just noticed that there is no Caldav binding for openHAB 3 anymore. Is there an alternative to get calendar data from a Google Calendar? I’ve been using that to get notifications the day before the trash gets collected.

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I have a similar setup here and had a quick lookup.
You can use the iCalendar Binding for that now.

You can setup your google calendar as a bridge with a private ical link google supports.

I have tried it with my OH3 setup and got a calendar entry back in the bridge channel for the next trash collection.

Binding Doc:

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Perfect, thank you, I’ll look into it!

have you tested that more than one Date?
I tryed and on the beginning it works. but after the first dates is over there is no refresh for the next dates?

I did not so far.

I have added a test entry my calendar.
How long is the refresh time configured and did you wait longer than this time for a refresh?

i tryed man possible refresh times. First Setup is fine. i see actual and coming appointment. After the first Appointment is over the First entry is left empty and the second will not become first entry on its date :frowning:

Still testing but my change from the existing calendar event (takes place on 16th Dec) to my test event (takes place on 15th Dec) has been recognised so far.

that is a very weak solution. Huge benefit of openhab is, that it is independent from Apple, Google, etc.
The Caldav was a prefect thing, because you can set up your own caldav server with “radicale” within 5 minutes, and you can contol your own data. This icalendar solution is google dependent again…Thumbs down!

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iCalendar is not a google thing it is a whole data format.

There should be more services than google offering an ics link to their calendars for usage with this binding.
There are even some trash companies providing there collection dates as an ical file on their homepage…


In addition to what @Confectrician - the Synology calendar (totaly standalone soloution without any mandatory cloud-connection) uses iCalendar too. I’m sure that there are some other cloud-independent calendar providers out there (without the need buying a Synology NAS) - have a look here:

So no connection to any of the big spy companies needed.

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ok, thanks.
it was my mistake. i tried in the last 30min, its working really with the lightweight radicale server.

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It seems to be working for me. I’m using the eventfilter thing to always get the 3 next “trash dates”.

you are speaking about ICalender Binding? there is only 2 next Dates possible?

Yea. Look at

Might be the newest version and only available in OH3? Not sure.

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For all nextcloud CALDAV users, use the link that you get when you download the calendar.

For example:
url: https://YOUR-URL.COM/remote.php/dav/calendars/USER/calendar/?export
user: USER
password: USER_PASSWORD (not an app specific password)


Hi Rainer,
I found that you commented a thread to ical binding Google in dependant in 2020.
You mentioned that it works together with synology.
Did you tried this?
Actullay I use Google, but last week I have no Internet for two days and nothing in my smarthome ist working correctly.
So. I’m looking for a local calendar that can send events to my openhab. Heating control, blinds andnso on.
I have installed the synology cal on my nas, but I can get it work with openhab3.
So any idea to this?
Best regards

Hi Thorsten, if it is still required just copy the Thunderbird link from the appropriate calendar. You’ll find it in the CalDAV account settings. This works with an shared calendar as well.

The config looks like this:

UID: icalendar:calendar:syno
label: Kalender
thingTypeUID: icalendar:calendar
  password: #######
  maxSize: 16
  refreshTime: 60
  username: openhab