Openhab 3 and Bticino Smarther Chronothermostats

Hello everyone.
i want to ask if someone have the same problem.
i try to connect my smarther to Opnehab. i follow the istruction on bticino portal, but when i access on http://192.168.x.xx:yyyy/bticinosmarther/connectsmarther i can’t allow the device because i show this error: “Call to Smarther API gateway failed with error: Exception in oauth communication, grant type authorization_code”
what i can do for resolve it?

If you have a smarther 2 the problem is related to the binding that manages the Legrand API. In fact, following the procedure indicated on the relative page, no thermostat is detected even if the bridge is active and correctly configured. The Openhab developers are already aware of this and I think they are working to implement the new API set released by Legrand.
For now we just have to wait … Ciao.

Thanks a lot! nothing to do… just wait…

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