openHab 3 and Insteon 3-way switches

I have a few Insteon dimmer switches installed as 3 and 4 way switches. I am using the UI to configure my setup. It took me awhile but I finally found the Channel → Dimmer - Configure Channel → Related field. I added the appropriate device IDs as xx.xx.xx. [xx.xx.xx] would be incorrect.

Unfortunately, this does not appear to work at all.

So I have been trying to set up rules for the load dimmer switch to send the appropriate command to the slave switch(s).

Unfortunately, I can only set up 1 or sometimes 2 rules before having to reboot the Raspberry Pi. When I get to any point where I need to select an item from the model list, the progress circle spins forever.

I’ve been using safari, but are others having these kinds of problems. I’ll never get it set up at this rate.


Related is used to poll the other devices when a device state change is received. This is intended to be used with 3 or higher way switches. One use case is that the non-load switch is turned on/off and then the load switch is queried to see what the state the light switch is actually in. Rules is one way to set the other devices, but you might be able to set them up as a group and then turn the group on/off.

Oh ok, I can try that. How do you turn on/off a group? I don’t see any options for that.


These questions are not Insteon specific, but more generic questions on how to use openHAB. A good place to start is Items | openHAB.