Openhab 3 and knx

Hi there,

I’m about to upgrade my OH 2.5.x installation to OH 3.x. I successfully used the knx binding in the past with manual config for the binding itself and the channels in the according .things file. What is the approach in OH 3? I created the knx thing over the UI but there’s no possibility, to add the channels there. Is adding channels still a manual process and if yes, how does the things file look like, if part of the thing definition is done in the ui and the rest in the things file?


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I’ve migrated my KNX to openHAB3 too last week. I decided to keep my well organised and working knx.things file.

I see no point currently to “re-create” the KNX things again.

After that, I’ve filled the model through create equipment/point from thing.

This worked perfect for me and gives me confidence, that I got the things for the KNX part correctly.

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Are you sure?
I have the possibility to do so.


After adding a first channel, i usually switch to the code view where can add additional channels with copy paste.

just to shameful to post here what the reason was :see_no_evil: Thank you for guiding me in the right direction!

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The ui is brandnew. No need to be ashamed. :slight_smile:

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Is there a documentation for the syntax of knx binding in new ui ?
I didn`t found anything

Hi @carrack

The syntax should be the same as for textual configuration,
which is documented in the addons doc page.


Example from the docs:

Type rollershutter : demoRollershutter "Shade"       [ upDown="4/3/50+4/3/51", stopMove="4/3/52+4/3/53", position="4/3/54+<4/3/55" ]

Should be similar in UI:

To be fair, the group-notation doc part looks a bit technical, because it includes all possibilities.
You should cross check the notation with some of the examples to get a faster overview. :slight_smile: