OpenHAB 3: Docker Update

Hi All,

I am using OH 2.5.11 in Docker environment.
As I understood, I have to modify some path in userdata folder (from org.smarthome.openhab2 to org.openhab).

Is there any utility, which would help me with the migration in Docker or do I need to adapt all config files manually?

Thanks in advance.

I am not sure where you saw that. Without seeing your configuration, nobody here can assist. Part of the flexibility of OH is permitting many ways of installing and running. The documentation on Docker Hub mentions some of them.


personally, watchtower (docker container, which can update other containers) did the update for me and just some few things were to do after the update in the thing files but nothing really hard stuff.

Let me know if you need some further assistance.


I refer to following topic, which seems logical to me:

I followed all steps, but after the upgrade, I have massive performance issues as my disk is 100 % occupied:


I deleted cache for several times.

I guess, that I forgot to change some files, etc. for the path and this is the reason why have such load at the disks.

I am on docker at Synology.

The Synology spk was not updated for OH3 Milestone or release.

But what I could download here:


That looks to be tags from Docker Hub.
I use the Docker container but I thought Synology was different.