Openhab 3, Homematic Binding, items do not act


Issue: The item for switches does not change the status.

The thing gets shown as online in Paper UI, a proof of the item with the analyze chart tool shows that a status is active but does not change ( Constantly off or constantly ON). The same i do recognize in VisualCode, the status does not change.
The initial state gets kept continuously.
Other items related to the thing do react, e.g. RSSI gets monitored and does change
while the observation period.

A proof in the Homematic WebUI shows that a motion gets detected.

As remark:
Used the time to switch from openHAB2.5 to openHAB3 in a Docker Container.
Even in openHAB 2.5 the item was partial unstable. All couple of weeks it failed, stop and restart openHAB mostly fixed the issue.
openHAB3 does show the same issue even using a bridge
or a host network in Docker.
Defining bridge, thing an item by autodetect and PaperUI does show the same.

Detector; Homematic HmIP-SMI55
Homematic controller PivCCU 3.51 hosted on a raspberry pi.

openHAB 3.2
Does run in a docker-Container using the bridge network
Thing and item are defined in textfiles, not by PaperUI
Textfiles are a copy of a running openHAB 2.5 installation, no change of the semantic.

Bridge definition:

Bridge homematic:bridge:ccu [
gatewayAddress= “”,
bindAddress= “”, //Docker bridge network

xmlCallbackPort=        9125,
binCallbackPort=        9126,
rfPort=                 2001,
wiredPort=              2000,
hmIpPort=               2010,
cuxdPort=               8701,
groupPort=              9292,

bufferSize=             4096,

installModeDuration=    120,
socketMaxAlive=         1800,
timeout=                30

Thing definition

Thing HmIP-SMI55 0014DA49924DDA

Item definition

Switch SW_HMIP_SM55_MOTION_T1_HMIP_SM55_WZ “Bewm bewegung” { channel=“homematic:HmIP-SMI55:ccu:0014DA49924DDA:3#MOTION” }

Remark: In the meanwhile i realized that switches from other Homematic devices do
act similar: Thing online, Switch items do not change the status, other monitored items being a number do change, no “frozen” device.

I am running out of ideas as changes in the definitions do not show a change, the logs do not show an issue, PaperUI shows an online status.
Would be happy if somebody can give a fur the hint what perhaps does cause the issue.