Openhab 3 | How to go from Milestone to RC1?

I’m testing OH3 on a Raspberry Pi

Now I run 3.0.0-SNAPSHOT - Build #2082” installed via “apt install openhab”
I updated and upgraded on a daily basis.

Now I read there is a Release Candidate (RC1).
How do I upgrade to RC1 or the finale version when ready?

Do I have to change repository or is Build #2082 the same as RC1 ?

Thank you in advance for this great product and the fantastic support in this forum

I’m not sure what build corresponds with the RC. But your guess is right. To get the release candidates you will want to change repos from the snapshot to the testing repo. To get OH 3 release you will change to the release repo.

Thanks Rich,

The correct URL’s to the repos I can find in one of the forum threads if i’m not mistaken

a fantastic job you do in this forum and for openhab in general

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I think is still correct.

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I will give it a try