OpenHab 3 iOS Shortcuts App setup


I tried to solve this problem a while ago but didn’t manage to solve it. The thread just seemed to fizzle away so I’m posting a new thread to see if this problem can get any new attention.
Original post here Openhab iOS app, iOS Shortcuts, iOS Home app - How to? - #35 by sebasanblas

I am trying to make use of the Openhab functions within the iOS Shortcuts app.

But whenever I run the shortcut, it just hangs forever and nothing happens

My settings in the Openhab iOS app seem to be configured correctly. I can access my sitemaps and am getting notifications I send from Openhab.

I can also interact with the rest api using the technique described in the original post, but this is a very messy, difficult to remember, and longwinded way to have to get and send states. I have to send a username and password encoded base64, set headers etc etc everytime.

This is the same with all iOS devices I have in the house.

Can anyone help?
Does anyone actually have this working?

I can’t help you since I don’t use the iOS app, but I’d suggest changing the category to “Apps & Services: iOS App”.

“Tutorials & Examples” is meant for sharing your working solutions.

did you enable basic authentication?

Not what you have asked for but maybe it helps:

you can define functions in Shortcuts

Thanks for posting.
Yes, I enabled basic authentication

I believe there is a way to use shortcuts as functions but I haven’t figured it out yet. I’ll see if I can find a YouTube tutorial or something.

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