OpenHAB 3 - is there a zwave network viewer?


A neat feature in Habmin was the zwave network viewer, showing how all the nodes in the network are connected, and immediately highlighting any problems. I can’t find it in OpenHAB 3 - am I being dense, or is it gone?



click on a z-wave Thing and scroll down

I think you get the same map regardless of which Thing you select.

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If you’re interested, there’s some interesting details about it here:

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thank you! And it’s now really pretty…

Can anybody tell me under which circumstances this map will be updated.

(I missleaded pressed “hard reset” and had to start from beginning)
Now I have 2 PowerMeters inclueded and confirmed with z-way ( sudo service z-way-server start) that there are no ghost inside my controller: only #1 #2 #3

Every time I use “soft reset” “synchronize” all of them go OFFLINE and ONLINE again, but the Map stil contains the Controller #1 only.

In the past I realized that the map will be refreshed after Healing (2:00 AM). But I guess such process could be done manually??

After reading my last sentence I went to every Node: #2 #3 and pressed “heal” + save there
The Result is follwing

So far so bad. Why is there no connection to #1 ?