Openhab 3 pages number format

Openhab 3 running on raspberry pi 4.

I have created an item which is reporting the correct temperature:

It is also reporting correctly in the log:

2020-12-30 23:58:26.135 [INFO ] [openhab.event.ItemStateChangedEvent ] - Item 'openHABserver_ItemGenericMQTTThingHalltemperature' changed from 17.76 °C to 17.74 °C

However, creating a label card, I can find no way to have this displayed correctly i.e. with decimal places and degrees C. I have followed exactly the set up in the demo but to no avail.


In the equivalent Openhab 2 sitemap I get:
as I am able to set the format in the sitemap definition.

How do I do this in Pages?

Use “add metadata” in the Item menu, “state description” and format it the way you want, for example %.1f °C

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Great. Thank you.