Openhab 3 ssh "Refreshing Model" log item missing

When OH3 is up and running, and I then edit any text configuration file using a text editor (VI NANO etc) e.g: Items, Things, Rules, Sitemaps… I was hoping to get feedback in the log the same I see in my OH2.x instance.
"Refreshing Model - Default.items"

Am I able to get this feedback in OH3? or is this only availbale in OH2.x?

Screenshot below from OH2. This is the log result I want to see. it works ok in my OH2 instance.

Screen shot from OH2 log settings below;

My OH3 logging below… I have tried many different log settings and cannot find which one might influence the loading/validation after editing text files.

AFAIK you will only see this for rules and sitemaps.

And you should consider abandoning your modus operandi.
Better move your items into the GUI (you can batch import them) else you keep suffering from lags and other problems when you edit an item.

You should absolutely see these feedbacks on OH3.

I’m working with OH3 on RPi4, I edit my files on a windows pc through samba share with VSC.
And it’s part of my standard routine to check the log after every time I’m saving a changed file- items, ruels, sitemaps, persist, etc.
I like this feedback because it shows you if there are problems with loading it. Of course it’s not checking for runtime bugs but it assures me that my change has been loaded correctly in to the system.

I’m surprised by the suggestion. From the docs I was under the impression that OH supports both approaches.
As described here

I’m personally doing everything other than things configurationa via text files. I can’t say I’m feeling any problems, although I might be blind to them because I haven’t experienced the alternative method.

Is it kind of a best practice recommendation or are there real problems with performance wjen working via text files?


Depends on your setup, frequency and procedure to change items etc etc.
But the OP is having problems so it applies here.

thanks for your feedback and suggestions.
I am in the process of creating a clean OH3 instance now and will see if that resolves the "refreshing Model - " logging problem.

I’ll report back if the clean install works or not.

I spend much of my day working at the command line of other system. Working with text files for OH config just feels more natural for me. it feels more logical, “under control”, more in control of backup and recovery when I’m working with text files too.

Ok, reporting back with progress.

Previous issues were likely related to the fact I had upgraded my development OH2.x to OH3 and had the log issue.

I have created a fresh install using the Raspbian OH3 image and the probelm has gone away.
Raspbian image used = openhabian-pi-raspios32-v1.6.5.img.xz

Screen shot below shows me;

  • dragging a new default.items file into the config folder. It loads the model OK.
  • I then edit default.items and save it… model log advises OK.
  • I then intentionally create a syntax error in the default.items and get the validation error… which is untilmately what I was looking for.

It looks like there might be other benefits from doing a fresh install for those looking to upgrade to OH3. For example, I think the Samba shares have been renamed too… a fresh install you appear to get all the little details that you may not be 100% sure of if you do an in-place upgrade.
Screen Shot 2021-05-19 at 9.15.37 pm

happy days. And thanks Openhab community.

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