openHAB 3 UI vs sitemap - issues with item labels

I’m considering migrating from my old sitemap to the new OH3 UI but I’m not ready to make the switch. During initial testing I found that items with labels with “[%s]” in them would show with that text literally. I’m also thinking of eventually using a voice assistant and it seems that they tend to use the “label” as well so it would make sense to remove the [%s] or maybe I’d have to say “turn on kitchen light open bracket percent s close bracket”

So I guess my question is, "Is there a way to have both sitemap and oh3 ui both have proper labels with the same item and keep sitemaps value displayed as well?

See attached picture here for an example. Top is sitemap, bottom is OH3 UI. Notice the difference between Hall Light and Kitchen Sink.

Add metadata to the item and choose “State Description”.

Thank you so much. I never paid attention to that metadata section.