Openhab 3 White screen, main UI not loading

Every now and then, my main UI wont load.
Whether i load my local IP:8080 or my external IP :60, I have ports forwarded and NGINX ports redirecting.

Usually it works, but sometimes it just hangs. Spinning logo on chrome and everything.

I get the NGINX login info, my info is saved, so i just click OK, and it wont load. Sits on a white screen with a spinning loading circle up the top, and main UI just never loads.
I will usually have to restart the PI at this point.

Any ideas?

Please check the logs on openhab side
Is it same as this?

im not running through Im connecting directly to my public IP address, with NGINX port forwarding and port forwarding on myrouter.

A restart of the rpi fixes the problem.

But i have just noticed all my things missing after a restart. So im troubleshooting that now

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