Openhab 4.0.1 cloud connector?not working

I upgraded from openhab 3 to 4

In bindings there are two openhab cloud connectors shown. Both with same details.
One is shown as installed inside the overview page.
When I klick onto the installed addon, there is a button to install the addon.
But installation doesn’t work.

How to fix that problem? Can I. Manually remove old parts of the addon to get it fixed?

That’s certainly weird.

You can remove the bundle from the karaf console. See Bundle Management | openHAB.

Then is should show as uninstalled and you can reinstall it through MainUI.

More than one bundle was listed.
I removed all.
restarted openhab
Inside the other bindings I still see 2 openhab cloud connectors, at the overview I one is shown as installed the other one as installable.
When I go to details of the “installed” one I get the button to install the addon.
I have some fear, if I make a backup and a clean install with restore of my backup, that I get the same issue again.

You have a backup so try it. The most you are out of is a little bit of time.

I don’t know what you mean by “inside the other bindings”

I meant there are in the bottom some options one is other where the openhab cloud is listed.

I finally found it:
here there was a entry about openhab cloud. I removed it, restarted openhab. I still see 2 bindings, but I now was able to install one of them and it’s working

Tanks for your help

That doesn’t make sense. There is nothing in /var/lib/openhab2 that should be seen or used by OH 4. But if that fixed it :person_shrugging: I’m glad you got it working I guess.

Sorry copy paste error, openhab without 2

I get the problem again, every update I do.
It was there again when I updated to 4.0.2 and now it’s back again on 4.0.3

can anybody tell me how to permanently remove old repos?
I thougt I was was able to remove it, but after every update I get the problems back

bundle:uninstall <whatever the id is>

I already removed the repo which was listing the addons.
bundle:list doesn’t show any 3.0.3 related things.
But after last two updates the repo for 3.0.3 addons have been back (like arnie :wink: )

I’m not suggesting this is even likely your problem. But one of the signs of a failing SD card is changes to files get lost. For example, I had an SD card fail once and only discovered the problem because my log files were not rotating. The file would get deleted and then reappear a little while later.

If you see other weird stuff, you might consider a new SD card.