Openhab 4.0.3 issue 2043

Did issue 2043 make it into the 4.0.3 release?
I didn’t see it in the notes.

It is an issue with importing comments into the UI from files.

It arose from this:


Probably not because the PR doesn’t have the “patch” label or a commit referencing the original PR:

Or probably considered as an enhancement for 4.1, not something really critical (it is like that since the introduction of OH3 and noone asked for this improvement until very recently).
What is backported to previous version is normally only critical or very annoying fixes.

If this feature is very important for you, you can install a recent OH 4.1 snapshot or wait for the first OH 4.1 milestone.

No. It’s OK I have already done this and I won’t have to do it again.

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