OpenHAB 4.0.4 no sudo access

Greetings everyone,

I have installed OpenHAB several times and I never get sudo access.

I used the Raspi imager to try and automatically download the image which failed. I then downloaded the image directly from OpenHAB and imaged the SDCard using the Raspi imager with the downloaded image. I cleared all setting before writing the image.

What am I missing?

Hi Craig,
welcome to the openHAB community!

Could you be mor precise?

  • I assume you are using openhabian image. Which version? Please be aware that v1.9 is beta, so make sure you are using 1.8
  • Can you login via ssh with the default user openhabian (pw openhabian)?
  • Did you wait after imaging your card 15-30 minutes (depending on your hardware and sd card) until the auto-installation finishes? After then you will be able to access the system.

If you want to decrease auto-installation time to less than 5 minutes, use a USB SSD

Hi Oliver,

Thank-you for responding.

I used etcher and it worked.

I am using openHAB 4.0.4 which is connected to my Fronius Inverter using the solar_api v1.

Just trying to replicate the Fronius SolarWeb app to get more data than the free app gives. The solar_api v1 has all the data and I can get it directly from my inverter. So I’m pretty happy apart from not being able to replicate the app yet.


I don’t use the fronius app I use this:

It gives me a year worth of data.
I did have the data logged to MySQL and used grafana but I haven’t got around to doing that again.
I am running OH4.0.4

Thanks Greg,

I already found that code. My challenge, mainly to myself is to replicate the Fronius free app, and see it in more detail. Sometimes I have to make over an hour for it to update in the morning.

Oh, I also want to graph negative values positively as well, required to replicate the app.

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