openHAB 4.0 SNAPSHOT discussion

Just upgraded to #3519 (from ~3485) and my rules seem to have stopped working. I’ve reset the docker and cleared the cache several times now. When I run threads, I have an enormous amount of threads like:

“pool-5639-thread-1” Id=7281 in TIMED_WAITING on lock=java.util.concurrent.SynchronousQueue$TransferStack@6a39628a

My CPU is sitting at a constant 10-15% or so as well. It seems like everything loaded as far as things/items, and the rules did load based on the messages, just nothing is firing off as expected (cron or event/command driven).

EDIT: Unsure why, but when I pulled my jars out of my addons folder I got a message of:

2023-06-30 15:03:00.153 [INFO ] [nal.ScriptEngineFactoryBundleTracker] - All automation bundles ready.

And then everything started to work.

EDIT 2: It looks like moving any jar out or into the addons folder makes this free up. For example, I have 4 jars right now in my addons folder. If I move any (or all) of them out of the folder I get the bundles ready note and then it all works.

Opened: Rules refuse to load at startup due to jars in addons folder · Issue #3676 · openhab/openhab-core · GitHub

I am seeing this too. My logs are filled with it. Can hardly see anything else.

Seems like RRD4J is still recording values. I can look at charts for items I see in the log messages.