openHAB 4.0 wishlist

In the OP there is a section for bindings. Aren’t bindings a part of OH? With every version there are new ones.

Your request is sorta X-Y problem request type of: if you have a specific device you want to get supported in OH then tell us here.
If there isn’t any then there’s actually no problem and you don’t need what you’re currently asking for.
A generic interface to another home automation system isn’t a value in itself (particularly as that’s already available in HTTP and MQTT) so you’re unlikely to find any dev to be convinced of that idea, capable of and willing to implement it for you.

No, don’t get me wrong. It is a way of taking advantage of HA faster development and wider device support.
I believe that as it is of use for me it would be for more people, that’s why I posted here. But if nobody believes the same it’s ok, there’s always another way to do it.

Have you looked at the many examples posted to the Marketplace? That’s a great source for examples and you might find what you need is already done and you can just install and use it.

Beyond that, CSS is a huge topic. I don’t think we have the man power to duplicate documentation for all of CSS. But with specific suggestions what we have could be improved. Though for the most part, if you are modifying CSS or messing around with raw F7 components, you’re an advanced user almost by definition.

To make things easier for beginners we have the Locations, Equipment, and Properties tabs. What’s easier than not needing to do anything at all? Next in complexity is finding and installing widgets from the Marketplace. Beyond that we also have examples for building custom widgets and the layout for the Overview tab in the Getting Started Tutorial.

Many use cases are represented in the Marketplace with more being added all the time.

There are significant technical challenges here that make that hard to achieve.

You should file a feature request issue on the Google Assistant Integration repo: Issues · openhab/openhab-google-assistant · GitHub

There used to be an Xbox binding IIRC but no one volunteered to migrate it from OH 1 to OH 2.

OH has no priorities. Each individual contributor has their own set of priorities. Unless and until someone volunteers to write a binding for this :shrug. No one can tell anyone else what to work on. Unlike Home Assistant, we have no employees.

Even so, this has been a priority for a number of contributors with many thousands of words having been exchanged discussing approach, feasibility, etc both here on the forum and on GitHub and as I understand it on Discourd as well…

There are several threads with tutorials showing how to do exactly that on this forum. MQTT is generally the technology used to achieve that integration instead of REST API (note OH has a REST API too). OH provides an MQTT Event Bus rule template to make it easier, at least from the OH side of things. But again, if someone were to volunteer to create such an integration it would not be refused.

I find through the extensive support I provide on the forum (which is my primary contribution to the project) that it’s those OH 2.5 users who neglect to read the Getting Started Tutorial are the ones who have the most trouble over all. Next come those users (experienced or not) for whom text based documentation isn’t the best for their learning style (we do our best to help those users). Finally it’s a tie between those who simply don’t want to learn anything and just want a big red easy button and those who are OK with some learning but they want infinite control (usually over the workings and appearance of the UI) with supreme simplicity. Unfortunately, TANTAFL. The more control you want the more complicated and the more work it’s going to be. MainUI tries to find a happy medium. You can get to a pretty usable and good looking UI with minimal work. And there are lots of room for configuration and customization where needed. The Marketplace fills in a lot of gaps as well and gets better with every post. But ultimately, if you want something different or want to tweak everything, it’s going to require a lot of learning and work.

Note, the Marketplace is part of openHAB in every meaningful way.

It’s also still under development. I’m pretty certain that it will become published when it’s ready.

No, there is a flag in Settings → Community Marketplace to show unpublished entries. Toggle that and they will show up and you can install it just like the published ones. But given that it’s still under development and not tagged as published indicates beginners shouldn’t be using this widget yet anyway. So these small hurdles are like speed bumps, deliberate safety features. Eventually though that “published” tag will be added and it will show up in the list automatically.

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Indeed Rich, there is massive work going on under the hood, especially as we are seeing performance issues on bigger installations.
Our aim is to provide a stable and really usable solution by the time openHAB 4 will be released.

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  1. Support for homekit devices connected directly to openhab.
  2. an easy “remap” for icons animations in sitemap. For example my heater drain 1200 watt so when watt is 0 should shown icon 0 and when is 1200 should be shown icon 100.
  3. A binding for BTicino Living Now. (also if the point 1 should be enough to use living now.)
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Of course, and also here. But I rarely found just what I was looking for.

:smiley: Thanks, but detail oriented, I would say.
I completely understand the complexity of CSS and wasn’t asking for that. Most of the times it’s little things I’d like to tweak and I find it very difficult. For example, here I learned that oh-list is a special case:

I totally agree. The semantic model is great, but the next thing is to get a nicer UI and there it gets more complicated.

I didn’t know that. Let’s hope the Brick schema gets extended…

I’ll look into that, but I believe they are different.

I know. Maybe I didn’t choose the right word.

I’ve read a lot, before and after the migration. Much of it was yours :wink:

Yes, I know than option, but I didn’t know it then. And I understand why it’s there.

Thank you all for your help, and especially you, @rlkoshak!