Openhab 4.1.0 Number:Time cannot convert to minutes

I have upgraded my openhab to 4.1.0 and I noticed that the item that tracks of the time remaining for my dryer was not displaying correctly in my habpanel dashboard. The value it shows is always in seconds, no matter what I do.

My item:

Number:Time            Dryer_RemainingProgramTimeState   "[%.1f %unit%]"                     {channel="homeconnect:dryer:api_bridge_at_home:dryer1:remaining_program_time_state"}

The input is values in seconds. If I put a dummy in habpanel linking to this item it will for example say: “90 s”. However if I change the item to “[%.1f min]” the item in habpanel will show “90 min”. If I change the format in habpanel itself the same thing happens

Does anyone know / see what I’m missing?

I found out that if I change the item with {unit=“min”, channel…} it will than do the correct transformation and display minutes instead of seconds

I might be wrong, but if the source data is in seconds, you should use unit="s" and use the format to change it to minute i.e. [%.1f min]. I don’t know how habpanel does the display though.

That is exactly what I expected to happen. The source data is in seconds but if I use [%.1f min] the output, wherever I use it so not just habpanel, was the amount of seconds + ’ min’. I could also change the number of decimals, both in the item description as in habpanel with the formatting option so I know it was using it, it just would not convert from seconds to minutes.