OpenHAB 4.1.1, Homematic CCU2 and HM-TC-IT-WM-W-EU Thermostat: Unable to set temperature

I have a Homematic CCU2 with a HM-TC-IT-WM-W-EU thermostat. Using the Google Assistant binding, I configured the thermostat group as follows:

Semantic Class: RadiotorControl
Metadata: Google Assistant:
  Thermostat modes: on=Auto mode:Manu mode:Holiday mode
  Thermostat temperature range: 17,24
    Metadata: Google Assistant: thermostatTemperatureAmbient
  Set Temperature
    Semantic Class: Setpoint
    Semantic Property: Temperature
      Google Assistant: thermostatTemperatureSetpoint
  Control Mode
    Semantic Class: Point (should may be "Control"?)
      Google Assistant: thermostatMode

However, in Google Home only presents the thermostat as read-only, i.e., there is no slider:

while it should be looking like

From Google Assistant Thermostat Setpoint not working - #6 by rpwong

Note that

  • I had to create an extra item with humidity as integer. The Homematic devices returns it as float, but Google Assistants expects an integer in the range 0-100
  • I am not sure of the mode setting when it comes to Homematic thermostats. They have three modes: “Auto mode”, “Manu mode”, “Holiday mode”, which can not be really mapped to the modes Google’s API expects: Cloud-to-cloud  |  Google Home Developers They also have additional boolean-like modes like “Comfort Mode” and “Lowering Mode”.



did the trick :slight_smile:

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