Openhab 4 display shorten item state

I have integrated Bosch washer, disher and dryer. All works OK.
My state from e.g. washing temperature looks like: LoundryCare.Washer.EnumType.Temperature.GC60
For short state like 60 Celsius I can use map transformation.
How can I shorten item state with another OH4 transformation method (script) please ?
Thanks for help.

Rpi4 Rasbian Bullseye, OH4

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The easiest would probably be to use a REGEX Transform.

To get just the number at the end it’s a simple REGEX(.*C([\d]+)) for the temperature and REGEX(.*M([\d]+)) for the speed.

If you apply these at the Channel or in a transform profile you can make Spin Speed be a Number:Frequency and the Washing Program Temperature be a Number:Temperature type Item. Then it can be used in math in rules and such much more easily.

Thanks, sorry for wrong post placement.

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