OpenHab admin password lost

Last year I started using OpenHab (v3.0.1) and configured to show some informations of photovoltaic (installed on a RaspberryPi 3 model B with Raspbian - Linux 5.10.17).
I wanted to automate consumpion of household based on photovoltaic production, then for different reason I put the project aside and stopped using it for a while.

Now I dediced to use it again, but I’m no more able to access to openhab because of wrong credentials.

I can SSH access from the local network using putty and openhabian as user and password. But I can’t figure out how can I change admin username and password. Any help?

See here:

This should be done with SSH?
I thought it was possible to do it from a pc connecting the microsd, but I can’t find that files and folders.

If you mean a Windows PC, then you’re correct. Windows can’t read EXT4 file systems.

If you did any configuration with text files, I’d suggest making a backup in openhabian-config before deleting the JSONDB files. That’ll give you a zip file with those text files (and the JSON). If you need to start over, you can then manually copy your text files to retain your past work.

If you can access with SSH, you can also change the password with the openhab console:


Thank you, I previously read that post but with no success, but then I noticed that I missed one of the steps.
Now i succesfully changed admin password.

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