openHAB AI?

Does openHAB has any AI built in?
For example can openHAB remember what I do when I come home (opening TV, preparing coffee, …)?

OpenHAB is flexible. There are many ways you can write rules to interconnect devices to suit your needs.

I have a motion sensor & outside light, for example, that only turns the light on due to movement after sunset & before sunrise for our dogs.

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That’s not AI, that’s just a memory trick.
This type of thing -


Thanks for the reply guys.

@rossko57 my example was not that good, another example could be if I always turn the lights of when it is 30 degrees then it should learn that logic.

Assuming you have a temperature sensor & lights, you can write the rules to do that. OH is flexible & powerful but you need to put the pieces together,

You might start here

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Here’s a link to a simple system I experimented with some months back:

I am not using it myself at the moment, but it was making reasonable predictions when I was testing it out (when trained with multi-year historical data that I had accumulated in my persistence database).

Please do note that the code is not supported, and is provided as-is.


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