OpenHab alexa skill availability in India

Hi, any suggestions on how to enable this skill for Echo dot in India? Amazon Echo was just released in India, but Openhab skill is not showing up in skills list. I’ve requested Amazon for support, but the answer was that the skill is currently not available and that amazon developers would reach out to Openhab for future support. I’d appreciate any advice to enable this skill in India.

even i want openhab skill to be available in india. just transfer your account to amazon us. enable saavn and other skills before doing that.

use hue emulation for the time being.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried to change the Amazon account settings earlier (account address and the language), but that didn’t help. Also tried US DNS entries in the router, but no luck. Will explore a little more about amazon account migration to US. I may be missing something there.

even im waiting for the skill. now using ifttt to operate in a complex manner

Some how I able to connect to openhab
I changed country on Amazon account and to US.
Log out android echo app and login again. Set up echo with WiFi again.
I did lots of trial so don’t no exact sequence but finally working.

Good news: Our Alexa skill is now also available in India!


This is great news!! Thanks for the update. Will try this out soon.

I’m having the same issue in Canada. Alexa was finally released on the 5th of December and I’ve just received mine. If it’s going to be available soon I’ll wait and save having to spoof my address.

Any chance the skill is going to be available in Canada soon, @Kai? Of course a great many skills I had hoped to use for home automation were unavailable here at launch (and many still are) so it’s hard to keep track…