Openhab alexa skill - different name same intent

I want to be able to say (an example):

Alexa, turn off living room lights
Alexa, turn off living lights

But for that (AFAIK) I need to define two items. Is there other way to do it? Is there a plan to support this?


did you find a way to do this?

I think that the only way is to define 2 items :frowning:

I hope it will be imporved in the future. This is why I write my own home skills (in parallel to enabling OpenHab SmatHome skill) as the smart home skill template is very limited.

2 times exaclty the same item but with another name then?

Why a different name for the same item?

see Original post, makes sense no?

I made an excel sheet a few years back where I basically make a comma seperated list of all the synonyms I would like to say, then a macro makes all the virtual items and the rule. I can see if I find it if it is of any interest for you.