Openhab Alternative Solution?

Greetings everyone

My employer wants me to help our automation guys in the search for a new visualisation framework as soon as possible as we have problems with our current provider of visualisation software.

Now, my colleague is already looking into openhab but I have a hard time finding anything similar to it. Google isnt of much help here… Please forgive me, I know its not very sensitive of me asking here for a alternative solution like this but I thought maybe some veterans here might know a software that works on our System.

We use Beckhoff PLCs (usually CX9020) which run a Windows embedded compact 7 as OS and TwinCAT 2 as Runtime environment. ADS, Modbus, UPC-UA and BacNet are the possible interfaces. The software should be Opensource, run on the PLC and should be browser and mobile compatible (html, css, javascript or svc).

Help would be very much appreciated.

What keeps you away from using OpenHAB? I think it is hard to suggest anything “better” if you cannot make claims of what is missing in the current solution. On the other hand, what did you google for, “smarthome hub opensource”? Pretty sure it’ll offer similar solution but as I said, without any information about requirements this request is as useless as my answer :wink:

Also looking at Openhab but as far as I see there is no push button?

Pushbuttons can be created by using autoupdate=false in the item definition.


How to configure a switch to be a pushbutton

don’t really understand. If I add the autoupdate=false the only thing which happens is that my state of the icon is not updating.

I need to be able to send a 1 if I push a button and that it is again 0 when releasing. That’s how my Beckhoff PLC deals with it.

Sorry for the not working link to the example on the openHAB 1.x wiki. I have updated the post. Check out the ‘How to configure a switch to be a pushbutton’ example.

that works well now, thanks!

Any idea how to update the icon so that it shows green when the light is swictched on?

Use the docs, Luke! :wink:


Not sure if all of the software below will meet your criteria, but here is a nice article explaining some options. I assume you speak Dutch like everyone else in the world. :slight_smile:

Otherwise, explore these options: Edomi, Domoticz, HomeSeer, Domotiga, Pilight, Pimatic, IP Symcon, Homewizard, Zipato Zipabox, Loxone, Fibaro Home Center…

But if I can jump to conclusions: OpenHAB is the best (I’ve experimented with several alternatives).

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Hi Kavlarn,

the thread is some time old, but it might be you’re still searching a solution for a visualisation framework. If so you could try my approach.

I’ve implemented a binding for a Beckhoff PLC and a special lib for home automation. The solution is running stable for almost three years in my house, and for more than two years in several buildings of family and friends.

My Beckhoff Binding uses the ADS protocol for real time communication and it is optimized to run with a special LIB for Beckhoff PLCs. This lib has everything needed for building the Smart Home automation logic. For example if you want to have a room temperature controller you just need to call a function module instance like this:

VAR fbTempWO: FB_OHThing_TempControl;
	sOHThingLabel:='Temperatur Wohnzimmer', 
	aProg:=fbSetTimesFBH.aProgTimes, // optional array of heating times for day/night
	bExtEco:=bOpenWindowWO // optional link to a window reed contact

openHAB will detect this as a Thing and you get all(!) this automagically:

On openHAB side everything works via plug&play: the Binding is able to automatically analyze the PLC program, generate things (with all the channels) - and even all the configuration files for openHAB will be created automatically (i.e. a sitemap, a persistence file, etc.).

In this example the 5-6 lines is everything needed for a ready to use room controller - the whole logic is included within the special Beckhoff PLC LIB. You see the actual room temperature, the history and a graph, two setpoints (day and night temperature), automatic mode switch based on a time array, an optional connection to the window reed contact (hence it shows EXT_ECO in my screenshot), etc.
All settings changed on the UI are persisted on PLC side - so there are no issues if openHAB is not availible for some reason.

The Lib includes function modules for controlling lights, blinds, dimmers, motion detectors, alarm, solar water heating and many more things.

If you do not need the built-in logic but want to use your own, then you can have simple switches, sliders, etc. and bind them to your variables.

The software works on TwinCAT 3 PLCs, I’m running the software in my projects on a CX9020 but it should work on all Beckhoff devices.

The official home page of my start up is

If you have any question you can send me a message, reply here or drop me a mail at osman[at]

Best regards,

Hello, I’m very interested in the Beckhoff lib.
Where can I get it?

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