Openhab always stop working

Hi, I have run openhab on my Raspberry PI B+. I have tested my configuration for weeks and everything was fine. My openhab handles my heating system as a smart thermostat for two weeks.

Two days before something went wrong and sometimes it stops working.

  • I am connected to my.openhab but I don’t get offline alert push notification. So it seems it keeps connected to my.openhab, but I can’t access the interface, and my rules don’t run.
  • When I try to acces the web interface I get the attached error.
  • There isn’t any error in the log file.

The only solution is to power off the rpi and then turn on. When I restart it starts working again for approximately a half day. Do you have any idea what went wrong?

thank you
500Error.pdf (140.3 KB)

It may be that you have a worn out microSD card. This is kind of an Achilles Heel of the Raspberry Pi, in that it is fairly easy to write to the microSD card too many times and create a bad spot. Further, microSD does not gracefullu handle media failures very well. The solution I used was to run one of my RPis off of an external disk. Another approach is to rework the configuration so that all disk writes go to RAM (like logs and temp files).

Try a fresh microSD card. Right now, copy off the existing one whatever bits of configuration you can recover, before it gets worse!


Dear watou, fortunately I have a backup image from my SD card, but before restore the whole disk it would be nice to know what happened.

Thank you for your quick reply.

[quote=“nattila1, post:1, topic:4100, full:true”]
Two days before something went wrong and sometimes it stops working.[/quote]

I had a similar problem recently. It was a worn out sd card. So I recommend the same as @watou

Good luck.

I noticed when moving my OH onto a PI that the CPU load got significant higher, which was related to SD writes (probably a cheap SD card). Moving my OH files from SD to a dedicated USB stick reduced the CPU load significantly!

My SD had died. As I heard Kington SD’s are poor. I restored my backup to a new SD and now everything works great. Thank you.