openHAB analytics

Does anyone know if something similar is available in openHAB?

Wouldn’t be a good idea to show active users and some stats about their setup?
Even if this is not live would be interesting to have it update every month.

This would be a reason for me to stop using openHaB. Why should my home automation collect data from my system?


Another reason I don’t use home assistant :joy:


I guess it’s all anonymous, aggregated and just related to the installation/system (not the home/sensors data). Ah, and opt-in.

If there was something like this with good anonymization I would opt-in to help improve openHAB.

This would help the developers to prioritize the development according to real usage.

Since most bindings are not maintained by the addons-maintainers group but by their original developers, I don‘t think that this would make a big difference.

Agree with JNK that it would make next to no difference to openHAB. Also really we can already get that kind of data in theory, as each binding that gets installed is downloaded from a server that can give data on how many times a binding download is made. The IP address that made the download can be resolved into a country and far more can be done all without adding code into openHAB.

The data I would like to see the most would be how many new users create an account on and then STAY and keep using it. Call it a retained user count. Are the happy users growing in number and how is it tracking over time? Do 30% of new people try openHAB and then leave? That kind of data I would love to see.

They state on the website that only the aggregated data is released to the public :wink:

The reason they put this tracking in place was that a private company was going to kill off code and change the direction of the project without consulting users or asking for help with coding. If the number of effected users was not so large they would not have been listened to and it has happened multiple times.

The other interesting thing happening, is they are sending parts of peoples passwords out to be checked by external servers.
Opt-out of pwned secrets warnings - Configuration - Home Assistant Community (

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What would also be interesting and very valuable data is on signup (can’t remember if this is already there), what sector/profession the user is in as most store fronts do. (Would have been a great insight before 3 was released)

That way the team can see where (without criticism) where they’re falling short I.e for ease of use etc

Sorry guys, but we decided not to collect those data a long time ago and this will not change!


Hmm, I am using OH since v1.x and do not have a account.
(Or is it this forum’s account?)

No, it is our remote access service….

Thanks. Wasn’t sure…
(I am using a VPN for this)

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