OpenHAB (and Alexa), find my iPhone (a python script)

I understand there will be an iCloud Binding soon (can’t wait!), but in the meantime, here’s a simple python script that allows you to create a rule in OH to send the “Find My iPhone” alert to your Apple devices. Through the Alexa/Hue Emulation binding, this allows you to say

Alexa, turn on Find My iPhone” and your phone should make a sound.

In HabPanel, you can display the devices like the custom theme


Hey Patrick!
It’s funny how you hid this great little script behind a thread that sounds like it is very Alexa specific :smiley:

I had to look twice to realize what you’ve actually done here. That’s great!
@patrik_gfeller this should be part of the iCloud Binding :slight_smile:

Fixed :slight_smile:

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I´m not sure yet if my binding prototype will ever reach the quality to be an official part of OH2; would be nice :slight_smile: . For the initial version this will not be in scope; unless someone would like to contribute and implement this part. Currently I´m added channels and waiting for some feedback to check if my work can be used as a basis for an official binding.

Some teasers:
2017-09-05 19_20_38-Paper UI
2017-09-05 19_21_42-Paper UI

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Sure it will. Just create the PR, mark it as WIP and ask for first feedback. :wink:

Sorry. Abbreviations ^^ PR = Pull Request.

Let’s discuss this back in the other thread.

… done:
2017-09-07 20_33_57-Paper UI



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