Openhab and Alexa skill - Portuguese (BR)

This month Amazon started to sell echos in Brazil through
Alexa now speaks one more language: Portuguese (BR).
Unfortunately I can’t find the openhab skill on amazon site. Any chance of making it available in Brazil in the short term?

This has already been requested. It’s currently being worked on but it will take a bit of time before it is available in Brazil. If you can’t wait, you could try to deploy your private skill.

You can refer to the below post for more information:

I’m facing the same problem. Just received my Echo Dot, but can’t add the openhab skill due to geographic restrictions(I’m in Brazil).
I don’t care if my echo dot speaks Portuguese, I can live with it speaking English. Is there any way to bypass the geographic restriction and add the openhab skill suitable for an English speaking country?

Yes. You would need to update your echo device country settings to the US. Doing so will prevent you from accessing skills that are only meant for your country.