OpenHAB and alexa

Hi guys, I’ve been playing around with openHAB for a few months now. Have a few Wi-fi switches working around the house. I’ve been trying to integrate alexa with openhab with no success, I’ve read most posts about the integration between the 2 but always get stumped.

My alexa device doesn’t detect any devices, even though I’ve put “Lighting” tag in the code. The furthest I’ve gotten on this is in RESTAPI i go to items->put->add tag when I click try it out for that device i get a 405 error(not editable). this is as far as i got.

I hope someone could help, thanks

You also need to allow the items you use through myOpenHab cloud and install the Alexa binding so Alexa can detect then.

Once you get that done it’s pretty easy as the item will appear as a device and you can do what you want with it…

How would I allow the item through openHAB cloud?

alexa binding as in echo dot binding?

Read this, follow the links, set up an account…

Then follow this link, read the info and add it as a binding…

So I’ve seen the problem now, Once I’ve installed openhabcloudconnector.cfg then it does not show up in my services folder but it is installed in paperUI and shows in my services tab in paperUI but not in my VScode.I previously had this problem with mqtt.cfg but solved it by installing the mqtt legacy binding. But there isn’t an option in this instance now. I’ve also tried to create the openhabcloudconnector.cfg file manually but that doesn’t work.

Could the problem be that I’m in South Africa and Alexa isn’t supported over here?