Openhab and hive

Hi everyone its been a while this is more of a quick question

Anyone who owns a hive thermostat what method are you using so openhab and hive can communicate with each other?

I am currently using this binding

but so far this has been pretty much useless if im honest work then stops working totally unreliable so im looking for a replacement binding

Hi Aaron,

Im just getting started with my OpenHab setup. I also have a Hive and am planning to build on the great work done by Chris with the binding you mention. I have a few ideas on how to resolve the authentication issues (Therefore hopefully making the connection more reliable).

Hi @3DITGuy thanks for the reply and welcome too openhab :slight_smile:

When its actually working im very happy with it and i am thankful of the work done by chris myself but 99% of the time my hive thermostat is just offline making it unusable for me atm i did also message Chris but got no response making me think maby this was dead

Thanks :slight_smile: ive been lurking for a few weeks planning and just getting my head arround everything now.

My thoughts exactly, the functionality is there and its a great base to work from. Once we crack the authentication issues im also planing to revisit his pull request. David Graff provided a very detailed breakdown of what needs changing to get the pr accepted into the main build.

Could you recommend the best solution for Hive currently available? I have been looking here and on the Internet, but couldn’t find anything usable.