openHAB and @mcuenca Featured on has a very nice write up of @mcuenca’s DIY based smarthome, built from the ground up. Very impressive work!

Thanks Rich for picking this up. I have been wanting to do a more detailed post about my openhab setup but I haven’t been able to do it. In case somebody is interested, here I’m sharing some of the key uses cases I do with OH

If you have questions, or want me to shar emore, let me know.

This is the main view

This is the energy monitoring view

This is the solar water heater view

This is a quick summary page of all doors & lights

I can turn them off and also trigger some house scenes

This is the activity tracking view

This is the climate control view

I have grouped rooms by floor (in total I have 6 units). Although I set a per floor temperature, each room adpts it a bit based on the owner’s preference

This is the media view

I can start playlists on certain rooms or on the house PA speakers