Openhab and shelly roller shutters open close percentage

i have openhab installed inside rasperry pi 4 and use device shelly 1 and 2.5
i see with shelly 2.5 shutters open close have inversion command

if i want close need put 100%
if i want open need put 0%

can i solve this problem and inversion open 100% and close 0% ?
can help me

I have no roller shutters to test with but you can use a rule or maybe a transformation service such as MAP.

can you to write code i put inside for solve . i am no good for do this . i use openhab from 3 days

Post your things and items and I will give it a try.

in which folder by ftp filezilla i have to go to find ?

Did you define the Thing and Items using PaperUI or files?

Also did you install OH using the openhabian image?

i add devide by bilding shelly PaperUI , i no have do other

yes i have install openhab by image for rasperry

Take a screen shot from PaperUI of your Shelly Thing (the page with all linked channels) and post it.

you need this ?

Have you checked the Shelly app to see if you can make the inversion there? Seems I recall someone mentioning that in the past. Check and see b/c it’s best to make the inversion on the device if possible.

inversion have but only graphics, no have command inversion open close

other question

as i can configure meteo , you have exemple work i can copy ?
existed skin different the openhab can i install ?

What is meteo?

For the rollershutter, in PaperUI open the channel edit page and swap the 0% and 100% locations.


no can i open this

Click show more ???


Create a proxy item for opening and closing the shutter. Name it whatever you like and replace it in the rule below.

rule "rollershutter"
    Item Proxy changed 
    if(rollershutter.state as Number == 0){
    else if(rollershutter.state as Number == 100){

happy happy i solve , need click show more in things and use rolle control 100 open 0 closed

thx you

can help me for weather work ? i no know put code as do you

You need a weather binding or you’re wanting to control the shutter based on current weather condition?

based on current weather condition :slight_smile:

What binding are you using to get weather info to OH?

i need for italy Weather

Weather Widget - Side, Top and Block


OpenWeatherMap widget for HABPanel