Openhab and shelly roller shutters open close percentage

Did you define the Thing and Items using PaperUI or files?

Also did you install OH using the openhabian image?

i add devide by bilding shelly PaperUI , i no have do other

yes i have install openhab by image for rasperry

Take a screen shot from PaperUI of your Shelly Thing (the page with all linked channels) and post it.

you need this ?

Have you checked the Shelly app to see if you can make the inversion there? Seems I recall someone mentioning that in the past. Check and see b/c it’s best to make the inversion on the device if possible.

inversion have but only graphics, no have command inversion open close

other question

as i can configure meteo , you have exemple work i can copy ?
existed skin different the openhab can i install ?

What is meteo?

For the rollershutter, in PaperUI open the channel edit page and swap the 0% and 100% locations.


no can i open this

Click show more ???


Create a proxy item for opening and closing the shutter. Name it whatever you like and replace it in the rule below.

rule "rollershutter"
    Item Proxy changed 
    if(rollershutter.state as Number == 0){
    else if(rollershutter.state as Number == 100){

happy happy i solve , need click show more in things and use rolle control 100 open 0 closed

thx you

can help me for weather work ? i no know put code as do you

You need a weather binding or you’re wanting to control the shutter based on current weather condition?

based on current weather condition :slight_smile:

What binding are you using to get weather info to OH?

i need for italy Weather

Weather Widget - Side, Top and Block


OpenWeatherMap widget for HABPanel

The first link is about widgets and Habpanel. Second link is more widgets and weather underground binding. I’m not sure if that binding is still working and/or has a free API.

I use DarkSky for weather:

You can simply install the binding and copy/paste the examples in the doc’s to test it out. Once you’ve decided on what to use for getting weather to OH then you can start making a rule for the roller shutters.

is very difficult for my install , can tell me as i need do with this darsky ?

i need go in bilding paper ui find ?

I see where you have other topics and questions about connecting OH with other devices. You may want to slow down a bit and add one thing at a time. Everything in OH is not a simple click to make it work. Controlling your blinds based on weather can be simple or difficult depending on what all you want.

That being said, if Darksky is difficult to install please let me know what your having problems with. It can be very hard to assist without having all the info.

Something you may want to read up on is using VSCode with the OH extension for editing your files such as items, rule, sitemaps, etc… This will make it easy to copy and paste examples from the doc’s for testing. Do you have a sitemap created with all your items?

I have no sitemap and I wouldn’t even know how to create it
I have been using openhab for 3 days and it has already been difficult to add the devices I have at home.
thank you for your time

OH is free but does require that you take the time to read and understand how it works .
I see in your profile that you have 5 hours of read time. I have 432 hour of read time with over 11K topics read and I still don’t know it all.

I’m not trying to discourage you, only trying to help, but you will have to gain some knowledge of OH on your own if you expect a quick answer to any issue.

Start with one device, connect it to OH and learn everything about how it works. Create a sitemap to control your device b/c PaperUI is not for control and you will eventually run into issues trying to control with it. BasicUI is what I recommend to start with so install it and follow the link above to create the sitemap. Once you can control the device from BasicUI then move on to another device.

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