Openhab and Sonoff zigbee bridge pro

I want to connect a zigbee bridge to my smart home. Ideally, I would like the zigbee devices to write data to the mqtt channel and read it from there to openhab. I found this article this article. But I found it very complicated. With the possibility of brick device.
Is there an easy way to write data to mqtt from zigbee devices?
My device is Sonoff ZB Bridge PRO.

For your Bridge there are two options: ( cloud and no MQTT ) or ( Tasmota and MQTT )

Please note that WiFi-based Serial-to-IP bridges are not recommended due to latency issues.

Without Tasmota:
Use the Zigbee Binding (supported coordinators: ZigBee - Bindings | openHAB) or Zigbee2MQTT (supported coordinators: Supported Adapters | Zigbee2MQTT) and the MQTT Binding.