openHAB and Tankerkönig gas prices + Telegram integration - Second iteration

After posting my first iteration of integrating Tankerkönig and Telegram into my openHAB system, @kugelsicha pointed out that I can use the Telegram query function.
I implemented that now, and wrote an additional blog post. Unfortunately the old posting is locked, and I can’t add the update there.

Blog posting


Hey Andreas,

Thanks for sharing this solution… I implemented this aswell…

Only one small suggestion regrading your rule rule “Telegram Bot receive tanken answer”


    } else {
        telegramAction.sendTelegram(Long::parseLong(telegramLastMessageChatId.state.toString), "Unknown option!")


    } else {
        telegramAction.sendTelegramAnswer(Long::parseLong(TelegramBotChatId.state.toString), TelegramBotReplyId.state.toString, "unknown option!")


I was thinking about that. However this is the part where the Rule catches any errors - and here is a reply which is not in the list of preset options. Most likely something went wrong.
So I don’t bother stopping the open Telegram quest, but throw a general error into the group.
Your mileage might vary…

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