OpenHAB and WeeWX, or OpenHAB connected to weather station

Hello everyone,

I used to have a Fine Offset 308x series weather station running on WeeWX. This gave up a few years ago. I have since discovered openHAB, which is graphing my solar output via the Fronius binding. Once I figure out how mail mail alerts for openHAB work, I can be alerted when anything out of the normal status or error codes occur.

This got me thinking about getting a new weather station that I can potentially use in the future to automate other processes in my house as I will know the weather conditions. I could potentially have the aircon switch on when I have enough free solar output.

What are people doing out there?

Are people running WeeWX and then getting data published to openHAB, or are people sticking everything onto one openHAB machine?

I currently am running openHAB on a old Raspberry Pi 3 Model B, which is the same hardware I used to run WeeWX on. I am considering running openHAB on a Raspberry Pi 4 8Gb or maybe even a new Raspberry Pi 5 once the POE hat seems stable.

I also have a Raspberry Pi 4 8Gb running my LibreNMS server which is purely network monitoring.

I would be very interested in other peoples setup.

Looking forward to some interesting discussions.

I am using Fronius and weewx and have the email working. I use OH4.

Weewx I use the mqtt extension and put the values into OH that way. I only get the rain and temperature inside and outside.

I use this widget for the solar power.

Also I have a lamp which has a coloured bulb in it and when on grid it goes red and the higher the power the brighter it gets and when on solar it goes green and the more power into the grid it too gets brighter.

When it is daylight and no solar it is blue. After dark and my front gate is open it is yellow. If the gate is closed then the lamp stays off until daylight next day.

All of that runs from the data from the fronius binding.

No need to use WeeWx if you buy a compatible weather station:

weewx is very configurable and can do more than the binding and you don’t need the compatible hardware.

For example:
Newtonville, Ontario

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