Openhab and Zoneminder

Is there a helpful step by step manual to configure zoneminder and openhab2 to communicate between each other?

I’ve installed zoneminder on one pi, my openhab is on another one. Zoneminder works and my openhab are working fine too.

On my openhab I’ve installed the zoneminder binding and made the configure settings for the server thing. (Yes I’ve read the instructions of the binding)

Then I’ve used the following link for some instructions on my zonminder pi.

But the command

curl -b cookies.txt http://myip/zm/api/monitors.json

end with a 404 on my zoneminer pi.
The ‘OPT_USE_API’ in ZoneMinder must is enabled). The option ‘OPT_TRIGGERS’ also.
I’ve added an extra user in Zoneminder too.

Does anyone have an step by step manual, with all steps on zoneminder and openhab?


What are your versions of OH2, the Zoneminder binding, and Zoneminder?

And what do you see in a browser when you go to http://myip/zm/api/monitors.json?

I use openhab 2.2, zoneminder 1.29 and the latest binding 2.2

The reply from the browser is 404 - The requested URL /zm/api/monitors.json was not found on this server.

Did you change the base url when installing ZM? What’s the URL when you go to the ZM web interface?


it’s the “normal” one: http://localhost/zm

… and http://localhost/zm/api/ gives you a 404? The only thing I can guess is that something went wrong with your ZM install (it didn’t install CakePHP).


Now I removed all components and followed the guide for the second time.

After this the service is running but I can’t start the page


because offollowing message: Cannot write to content dirs(‘events’,‘images’). Check that these exist and are owned by the web account user

The Zoneminder process is running.

Is there no easy and good guide to install zoneminder to use it with openhab?

captnedelta told me that he don’t install CakePHP. Me too. It is not in my guide.
I also didn’t install cambozola because I did not use the IE.

Please give me some advice… thanks.

Ubuntu 16.04, ZM 1.30.0

I too am struggling. Added the binding. The documentation for the binding says “The Bridge must therefore be added manually, this can be done from PaperUI.” OK, perhaps a little clue should be given as to how?

I see the binding in PaperUI, but there is nothing to configure.

Searches of the file structure under /etc/openhab2 and /var/lib/openhab2 find nothing related to zoneminder.

Ultimate goal - when my OH rules turn lights on and off, it triggers the ZM motion detection, so I want to script alarm suppression in ZM just before I change a light setting.