Openhab andoid app doesn't work on mobile data


I have changed some UI component of openhab android project. when I get apk of the project, the application doesnt work on mobile data. Even I got apk of the project which didn’t edit, still It doesn’t work on mobile data. I tried more than 10 smart phones but result didn’t change.

Also I following line to AndroidManifest.xml, didn’t efect anything.

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.INTERNET" />

Could you please help me in this matter?


A log would be helpful in the first place :wink:

thank you for reply
Actually I am not android developer so I don’t no where should I add log on the project or how can I add. I thought that It is common problem because I just got apk from android project without any changes.

No, it’s not a common problem.

The log can be gathered from the second to last option in the app settings.