OpenHAB Android App and Android Automotive OS

Is there a chance that the Android App will also be available for AAOS in the future?

Thank you very much.

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That would be cool. We ordered a car that has AAOS built in.

While I might be a enthusiastic user of such an app (just having got a car with AA), my suspicion is that OpenHAB Android App would not meet the review criteria for getting published onto AA/AAOS. I presume the the section “IT-1” from the following would apply:

The way I interpret this, is that the current App capabilities would need to be dialled back seriously to the point where you only have a handful of large buttons for ‘On/off’ style functionality, with a limit of no more than 5 pages… (Unless you are publishing it as a ‘Parked App’, where the restrictions are different.)

So the only way I see this happening, is someone writing a completely new ‘dumbed down’ OpenHAB application for AA/AAOS, which will meet Google’s review criteria, and its functionality cannot be extended via a Main UI page configuration.

Anyway, that aside… I looked at other options, including spending a lot of time in forums researching side-loading ‘apk’ options for my vehicle, and decided it was not worth the risk in terms of warranty issues etc.

So the following is the route I took instead… Whilst our house uses Alexa for voice assistant, I decided to configure integration with Google Assistant for just the specific devices I would be likely to want to access whilst I am driving the car, for example:

  • Open Gate
  • Turn on (x) Heatpump (Where x is a specific Heatpump or ALL)
  • Turn on Coffee Machine

Of course there are the opposite ‘Close Gate’ or 'Turn off" commands available for the above, but most of those are handled automatically via rules, so it’s fairly rare for me to use them.

This integration works really well from the built in ‘Google Assistant’ that ships with AA.

While I am sure I could some up with some reasons that an OpenHAB AA-enabled app would be great, the above covers my (current) primary use-cases.

Sorry it doesn’t really answer your primary question, but in the absence of such an app, I hope you find it to be a useful plan-B.



Hi to all, I think should be nice some kind of widget only for a few object like garage door or a scene. But it seems an android auto lack because I never seen similar object neither on other apps like amazon alexa or similar

…since a few weeks the Home Assistant mobile App is available on my Polestar, so in general it seems it is possible… It is the ‘real’ Home Assistant app and they did some changes in the Android-App to make it possible: Android Automotive Support · Issue #3402 · home-assistant/android · GitHub
I never really managed to configure the Google Home - OpenHAB attribute exchange correctly - so I would really prefer the OpenHab Mobile App in the car…

Well, you need to find someone volunteering to add this to the official app. Might be placing a bounty might attract someone….


Any NEWS on this?
I have already an AA compatible App called „Widget for auto“ installed. Here you can selected all the widget apps, which normal can be used on a Android Mobiles Homescreen.
I tryed a OH4 based switch for on/off. It seem to work.
Disadvantage is, that the App can only use for a single widget. As I use it for Mails, I cannot use it for OH things.

The app can be found under github:

Maybe the developers from the OH App, or the maintainers can talk to the guy, if he has an interest to developed is app that it could be used for more than a single widget…