Openhab Android App to trigger Tasker

I have struggled with the fact that the notifications in the openhab app is way to subtle and easy to miss. This is a big problem when using it to notify when an alarm has gone off! I don’t know if you guys have figured out a better solutuion (my dream solution would be a phone service calling me up (and if I don’t answer then continue to the next number in a list) and telling me what happened, but I can’t seem to figure out how to do that… Any tips?). What I did come up with was to use Tasker.

I start with creating a rule in OpenHAB that pushes a notification to the phone with a keyword, in my case “Alarm!”.
In Tasker I created a Profile that triggered on Event->UI->Notification. I select Openhab as owner app and my keyword Alarm! with * as a wildcard after (so “Alarm!*” in total) in the Text-field. I can then use tasker to play all sorts of beeping, buzzing and speaking to notify me that something bad has happened! Works fairly well I think!

I use an OH notification to trigger Tasker, which then starts the Sleep as Android app on my phone. The difference is that I don’t want to see the OH notification (it’s just a trigger), so I have Tasker delete it immediately when it arrives.

Others have mentioned using Telegram for better notifications, and I’ve read of a few other solutions as well.

If your mobile provider supports it, you can also have a rule send an email to your phone that will show up as a text message.

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