openHAB Android App with openHAB Cloud

Hey community is there a way to use the openhab Android App with the openHAB Cloud?

When I input the link as remote link and input my username and password, the app show me the sitemaps to choose. After I choose a sitemap it’s loading endless.

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I’m using the Android App successfully. It did take several minutes the first time I connected, but now it’s quicker.
Did you reply to the registration email from myopenhab? I couldn’t connect until I’d done that.

which URL did you use? ?


you need to reply to mail of myopenhab.
For the remote URL you need to enter:
user: your-email-login-at-myopenhab
pw: your-pw-at-myopenhab

This is also described here:



thanks. Now everything is working. My mistake was the URL.

edit: When I tried the Mobile app with the new openhab cloud there was no documentation on the website.