openHAB Android (HABDriod) 1.8.0 released

A new version of our Android app has been pushed to the Google play store. This release addresses mostly bug fixes, better openHAB 2.0 compatibility and introduces an optional black/amoled theme. The full list of changes can be seen on the project milestone page. As always you can find the latest nightly builds here.

Calling all Android, IOS and Java Developers! If you have a fix or new feature you think would benefit the community please submit a PR and contribute to our mobile clients!


Many thanks

Since the update to the new 1.8.0, the charts are flashing on every status change received.
So the chart disappears and reappears after a second.
I have a PV chart with production and consumption displaying together with a number of decimals and text items.
And a web view for the weather forecast is also being shown.

@ThomasBrodkorb can you open an issue at ? Thanks.


Since the last update I have a problem opening group widget, which contains few dimmer items. It starts opening it (starts scrolling from right to left), then stops, and after a few seconds just hangs with “Unfortunately Openhab has stopped” message. I haven’t changed items or sitemaps for at least a year, so I guess the problem is in new version of HABDroid.

Best regards,

@davorf can you open an issue at ? A screenshot and maybe some info on what the group looks like would be great, Thanks!

I have the same issue without a group but with sliders since the upgrade, did you create a ticket I can add to?

Hello Dan!

I’ve opened an issue on github, attached a screenshot and part of the sitemap configuration. Also, I’ve found out it only crashes if some of the lights/dimmers are on.

@tobo I’ve opened an issue:

Edit: I forgot to add that I’ve tried reinstalling the app, and clearing data and cache, but it didn’t help as well.

Tnx, added to the ticket even though I think your information was sufficient.

Thanks @tobo and @davorf I’m looking at it now.