openHAB Android (HABDriod) - December 2017 version - Rollershutter status not shown correctly anymore

Today I received the Android openHAB client on both my tablet and my cellphone.
First of all thank you for the nice work.

I found an minor issue on both devices and thus believe it is an bug.
The rollershutter icon is always showing the “default” icon (neither open nor closed). As the websites shows the currect status and nothing changes regardless if I open the rollershutters or close them I think there must be a bug in evaluating the right status.

Do you see this issue as well?

It is probably best to file an issue

@gloeckner_ronny Bugfix is here:

Perfect! Thanks guys.

Okay, the icons look good after installing an release candidate, but is it really intended, that there are brackets around the current state of the rollershutter?

I configured the following item:

Rollershutter RS_Roland "RS Roland [%d %%]" {...}

In Basic UI this looks as expected: On the left I see the icon and “RS Roland” and on the right I see “100%” and the up/stop/down buttons:
Screenshot-2018-2-5 Rollläden

But in the Android app there are square brackets around the “100%” and the “100%” is left aligned to the description instead of being right aligned to the buttons:

Is this worth opening an issue or is this new behavior intended?


I’m about 90% certain there already is an issue open on this. But you should check and verify.

This should be fixed in the latest version.

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Yes, it’s fixed at least in 2.4.
Many Thanks!