Openhab Android UI 3 not working correct on S20/S22

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okay quick update, I played around on one of the affected devices. Stable release 3.0.1 replicates the issue but version 2.23.11-beta works as it is supposed to (both downloaded directly from Github. I am not sure what is the difference between the versions as I would expect them to behave the same as the release should just be the final version. I use a S10 myself without issues so seems to be something with the later versions.

This is not inline with the topic you are referring to and please change the title of this topic, as it is not really reflecting your issue.

The UI itself does not have an issue, It is working for many users.

What if you open the UI on „your misbehaving“ devices within the browser (Chrome or Safari) ?

Updated the title. I have to test the browser again on one of the devices and get back to you shortly. It is not my phone and the one using is not very tech savvy so they didn’t really understand the web version.

Still the title is not correct, as you are mixing up Android and iOS/iPadOS.

I am using several Apple devices (iPhone and iPad) on different OS versions
(iOS 10.x, iOS 12, iOS 15.x, iPadOS 16.2) and have no issues using the UI, neither via browser, nor via openHAB iOS App (local and remote via myopenHAB).

I am mainly focusing on the Android app so we can at the moment just ignore the iPad. I only included it as it may or may not be related. The devices I really care about are the android ones.

Web browser does seems to be working fine and as I stated before the beta app also seems to work fine.

Ok, so it is an issue with the Android App, but not the UI itself.

But why opening a new topic when there is an open discussion reflecting your issue in the linked topic of your initial post.
It does not make sense to double topics.

I would prefere to close this topic here and move the discussion back to the other topic.

I thought the other one was closed due to age as it is an older issue. Thought it would be better to start new but I can move it.

No, still open topic and you can post there……