OpenHAB app in Google Home uninstalled

Using OpenHAB 2.5. Have a working system for over 3 years with integration with Google Home/Assistant, no recent changes.

2 days ago Google verbal commands no longer were working. I checked OpenHAB error log and nothing seemed wrong. I rebooted multiple times. I then checked Google Home and the OpenHAB app had been uninstalled and all lights uninstalled.

I attempted to reinstall the app and it goes through the process, with the OAuth authentication and Google says the account is linked successfully.

Unfortunately OpenHAB never shows up as a linked service and no lights show up. I have re-searched for the OpenHAB service repeatedly and it doesn’t show up as a linked service after “linking successfully “. I tried another Google account and I got the same results.

This seems more like a Google issue, since this has been working for years. Does anyone have any idea?

Make sure you read the post about updating your configuration. They made a change a month or so ago that broke presumably everyone who has been using it for a while, because the way you configure and tag items for Google Home completely changed.

I’m still struggling a bit to get everything working that was before, but after the change, it would find no devices when it scanned.

That would make sense. Thank you for the reply. Can you possibly point me to the post? I looked for it and I can’t find it.

The tagging method for Google Assistant was deprecated 1.5 years ago, but they were left in place to give time for people to move over to the metadata approach, ideally as they transitioned to OH3.

The problem is that we don’t have a way of communicating this to all users, other than the community. So while it was big news when the change happened, there was no way to inform users who don’t check in on a regular basis. Unfortunately, we have to wait for them to come here and ask when it stops working. And as you’ve discovered, it keeps working until you refresh your devices in GA.

Assuming that you’re using .items files, you’ll replace all of the GA tags (e.g. [switch] ) with metadata, which is contained in the {} brackets with the item’s channel.

{channel="", ga=""}

There are also many more options for item types (made possible by the metadata approach).

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Thank you so much for your answer. Yes, this is what was the problem. I am having some issues, but I will try to work through these as I can. I appreciate the time and effort.