openHAB App Release 2021.1

Hey Community,
Good news a new update (2021.1.29.0) for the Windows App is on the way and will be rolled out over the next days.

The update contains the following features and fixes:


  • Removed Windows Phone statusbar support
  • Added initial support for openHAB 3
  • Reworked in-app notifications
  • Setpoint-Widget is now able directly switching to a value inside min/max range by using +/- button (Replaced textbox with Combobox)
  • Selection Item now uses Values provided by Bindings


  • Fixed crashing when changing setpoint widget if state contains dimensions
  • Fixed connection issue with demo system when using metered connection.
  • Fixed sitemap name to show correct name in main menu
  • Fixed loop when playing media via Kodi Binding

For reporting any issue/problem or bug leave a comment here in thread or open an issue on GitHub. Any suggestion or idea for the next release are also welcome.

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Hi there! when will the color picker be fixed?

Hi @elcosomalo
@cd-tronic is currently working on the fix for the colorpicker.

Maybe in the next Beta release, but will be definitely part of the next major app release (Milestone 2021.2).

Great! thanks for your work guys!

Hi @elcosomalo,

i just created a PullRequest with an working implementation of the color widget.
The Color selection is directly in Widget Area what makes it a bit small. I could do this in a PopUp style like it is in the Android App.
Feel free to give me some feedback as soon as a Version containing the colorwidget stuff is available.


Hi @elcosomalo, @cd-tronic,

The PR is merged and the new update for the Beta App is under certification in the MS Store and will be hopefully available in a few hours.

openHAB Beta App:

Great! I see the color picker and it works!

I suppose the only thing left to do is fix the cards to allow the text to be displayed correctly.

Then just some ideas… cosmetic only, not important:

  • remove the background image, maybe leaving it solid gray (light) or dark gray (dark mode)
  • color picker could be like in the android app as mentioned above by cd-tronic

Great work guys! and thanks!

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Hi guys! I’ve updated OH3 to 3.1.0.M5 and the beta app for windows stopped working. It shows the error “Not able to parse runtime verion from openHAB server”.
Can you do anything about that?