OpenHab App Testflight version expired

Hi @timbms,
since this morning I received a message that openhab ios Testflight version has been expired and cannot be used. Then I tried the Testflight invitation link on Openhab-ios Github page. It says no more beta testers are accepted.
Just want to let you know.
Best regards

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Same here. Was using the testflight for Apple Watch. Is that working in the normal iOS app now?

Yes. Apple watch works with official version as well. Checked it today. I wasn‘t aware of too.


Great. After reinstalling the app on the Apple Watch, it works, too.

Same here. Any news on that?
Br, Thomas

it doesn’t work for me (watch app version: v2.4.20.1580410468. Works only with VPN or locally

Username and password is okay :slight_smile:


Turn on always send credentials in settings.

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