OpenHab App with OpenHab Cloud

Hi All,

I’m using a local instance of openhab cloud and it works well, I’ve successfully setup NGINX and can hit OH2 Cloud from the web using HTTPS. I also receive broadcast alerts on my mobile from it.

When I configure the OH2 Android App, for ‘REMOTE’, I enter https://serverurl with my OH2 username/password, the app just sits there with the egg timer.

I can hit the OH2 cloud url from a web browser and login successfully.

What is required to enable the App to allow this to connect?

Thank you!

My NGINX file servers up content to http://localhost:3000 for OH2 Cloud. Do I need to setup another directive to Port 8080?

No, that shouldn’t be necessary. Particularly if you can bring up the UIs through your instance of the cloud.

Do you see anything in any of the logs? Including the openHAB Cloud logs?

Did you get a LetsEncrypt Cert for your nginx forwarder? Maybe the app requires a valid cert. If you don’t have a valid cert you can go into the app settings and under Encryption check the box to ignore SSL certificate and Ignore SSL hostname.

Hi Rich,

I cannot access the UI’s inside the Cloud webpage on 3000 once I login. I click the link and it doesnt go anywhere. Notifications are working fine

Only log I see is this:

2018-09-04 20:34:36.472 [INFO ] [io.openhabcloud.internal.CloudClient] - Connected to the openHAB Cloud service (UUID = 8d764555-7129-414                            7-9f43-bf23f70af1c1, base URL = http://localhost:8080)

Base URL looks odd - i thought it was 3000?

Yes, I did get a letsencyrpt cert. Accessing OH2 Cloud via https://domain name, successfully works to the Openhab cloud login page.

This is the link that doesnt work…

Yes, I did get a letsencyrpt cert. Accessing OH2 Cloud via https://domain name, successfully works to the Openhab cloud login page.

When I right click on that ‘CLICK HERE TO ACCESS’ link, and inspect the URL it shows:

So you cannot in fact access your OH through your installation of openHAB Cloud. When you click on the “click here to access your openHAB’s dashboard” if fails to bring up the dashboard page?

All I can offer is there is something wrong with the way openHAB cloud is set up. I’ve no experience with setting these up so can’t be of much help.

Thanks Rich , ive no idea where to look. Unforunately I cant find a log that would even show whats happening but the URL looks wrong! it has https, port 3000 and then 443 at the end! HA!

I’d look first at your nginx config. Then look at the openHAB Cloud config. Somewhere you are defining the port number 3000 where you should be.

OK, I found the error

Config.json, it has the details in there. Fixed that and restarted app.js using pm2, the dashboard link now works! Thats a start ha!

Unfortunately, the Android App still wont show the contents of the sitemaps (it shows the sitemap names!)

Select one of the names and it should bring that sitemap up. You can set the default sitemap in settings.

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Ha im not that slow :wink: i do that but it wont display the contents of each sitemap im afraid. More digging…

So the dashboard link now works remotely in OH2 Cloud, but the Android App refuses to connect despite showing me the sitemaps! So odd

I have this issue